Since 2007, I’ve uploaded many videos on YouTube, most of which have received lots of views and great comments! Since then I’ve also released three albums which have been received very well. I’ve also read messages from fans asking for recordings of songs that I had on YouTube but did not have available for purchase anywhere, and to me, that was a problem. I know a lot of you like to listen to my music while doing homework, studying, cleaning, relaxing, or even walking down the isle. Not being able to provide you guys with recordings of the songs that you love has left me just as disappointed. It’s because of this that I have set out to record as many of my YouTube covers as possible, old and new, and allow you all to have access to them.


So over the next few months I’ll be releasing two albums to accomplish this very goal of making most of my songs available, beginning with “The Collection, Volume 4.” I am happy to announce that Volume 4 will be released at midnight tonight! You will be able to download the album or its singles directly from this website, I hope you all enjoy Volume 4 and look out for the release of my next album, “The Collection, Volume 5,” very soon! Thanks again to Matthew Chavarria for the beautiful Volume 4 album artwork, and as always, thank you all for your support! It means a lot.